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About us

A luxury experience, a level of service that exceeds customer expectations, providing a high level of satisfaction and trust. We strive to create a positive experience for our customers and build long-lasting relationships.


We consider you an important customer. Our first priority is to offer you exceptional stays and experiences throughout. Your complete satisfaction and confidence in TUWAZY is absolutely essential to us. That's why, as part of our commitment to meeting your expectations, we take the GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation seriously. This charter formalizes our commitments to you and describes how TUWAZY uses your personal data.

At various times, we may collect information about you and/or the persons accompanying you, including the following:
- Contact details (for example, last name, first name, telephone number, email)
- Personal information (for example, date of birth, nationality)
- Information relating to your children (for example, first name, date of birth, age) - Your credit card number (for transaction and reservation purposes)
- Information contained on a form of identification (such as ID card, passport or driver licence)
- Your membership number for the Tuwazy loyalty program or another partner program and information related to your activities within the context of the loyalty program
- Your arrival and departure dates
- Your preferences and interests (for example, smoking or non-smoking room, preferred floor, type of bedding, type of newspapers/magazines, sports, cultural interests, food and beverages preferences, etc.)
- Your questions/comments, during or following a stay in one of our Tuwazybranded establishments
- Technical and location data you generate as a result of using our websites and applications.

The information collected in relation to persons under 16 years of age is limited to their name, nationality and date of birth, which can only be supplied to us by an adult. We would be grateful if you could ensure that your children do not send us any personal data without your consent (particularly via the Internet). If such data is sent, you can contact the Data Privacy department to arrange for this information to be deleted. In order to meet your requirements or provide you with a specific service (such as dietary requirements), we may have to collect sensitive information, such as information concerning race, ethnicity, political opinions, religious and philosophical beliefs, union membership, or details of health or sexual orientation. In this case, we will only process this data if you provide your express prior consent.

Personal data may be collected on a variety of occasions, including:

  • Apartment activities:
  • Booking a room
    Checking-in and paying
    Hotel stays and services provided during a stay
    Eating/drinking at the hotel bar or restaurant during a stay
    Requests, complaints and/or disputes
  • Participation in marketing programs or events:
  • Signing up for loyalty programs
    Participation in customer surveys (for example, the Guest Satisfaction Survey)
    Online games or competitions
    Subscription to newsletters, in order to receive offers and promotions via email.
  • Transmission of information from third parties:
  • Tour operators, travel agencies (online or not), GDS reservation systems and others
  • Internet activities:
  • Connection to Tuwazy websites (IP address, cookies in accordance with our Policy about the use of tracers)
    Online forms (online reservation, questionnaires, Accorpages on social networks,social networks login devices such as Facebook login,conversations with chatbot, etc.)